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Mr. Bachchan, his fans, and KBC

eynjuls kaun banega crorepatiWe know how miraculously Kaun Banega Crorepati, (and Amar Singh of course) has changed the life of its host, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. Thankfully, my disappointment when Shah Rukh hosted KBC didn’t last for long as the nation and even SRK felt nothing can replace Mr. Bachchan’s style and his shuddh hindi conversations.

Coming to the point, apart from Big B, his fans who have been waiting barson se to meet only and only Mr. Bachchan are merrymaking because of KBC.

Siiirrr aaj mera jeevan dhanya ho gaya! Really? So, why play the game and make some money? Ho gayi na mulakat, barson ke intezaar ke baad. Go home now.

I always try to imagine how embarrassing Bachchanji must be feeling.  All praises is never a good idea, no? Can no one simply say ‘Sir, we are really happy to meet you. We admire you and your films a lot.’ Is it not enough?

Now this couple, they finally realized their dream of meeting Amitabhji.  So, both wife and husband have been dreaming barson se about meeting Mr. Bachchan? God save them. Another couple’s wish was to buy a room at Bachchanji‘s place. People struggle to get a rented accommodation at Mumbai, they want to buy some space at Amitji‘s place using all their savings. Khana, peena nahi chahiye. Bas, the view of Amitji is all enough.

Even I admire Amitabhji. That doesn’t mean I go and sing all praises for him, only to his embarrassment!  Nevertheless, KBC means Amitabh and only Amitabh can bring crores to KBC producers.

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