The Idol – SREERAM

YAY! Sreeram won! Sreeram won Indian Idol 5. The most deserving participant in this series.

Indian Idol, the biggest music reality show of India is an adapted format of American Idol, the music reality show of United States of America.

The show’s format has observed many changes and modifications since its first version. Talented singers from every nook and corner of India are auditioned and few are zeroed in to take part in the major contest held at Mumbai.

India's Idol - Sreeram

Fortunately or unfortunately, the elimination process is based on the votes gained from viewers. There are many more things that are taken into consideration other than talent when a vote is given to a contestant.

His/her region, personality, looks and many more. That could be the reason why Arpita Khan, Shashi and Shivam Pathak of series 5 were eliminated at a very wrong time. They have the caliber to reach to top 5, but votes made all the difference.

Majority of the audiences were supporting Sreeram from the very beginning. Almost of all his performances were impressive. The major element where he differed from others is his consistency in performance and a composed attitude.

Sreeram all the way!!

The awareness created by individuals and media in Andhra Pradesh also helped Sreeram in his title achievement.  Karunya one of the contestants in Indian Idol – 2 had to fore-go majorly because of the voting deficiency from AP.  South India being a non-Hindi belt don’t watch the Hindi channels and thus don’t get a chance to comment on any National media shows.

I watched many reality shows but never voted for a person as much I did for Sreeram. He had that talent, attitude and personality combined with immense drive.

  • Sreeram also made a unique record of never entering the bottom 3 in Indian Idol. A record which cannot be surpassed very easily.
  • He is also the first person to get an opportunity to sing for a movie, while still being at Indian Idol.
  • He is the first South Indian (He hails from Hyderabad, AP) to win the title of Indian Idol.

I, as any other Indian am more than happy for Sreeram’s success at Indian Idol 5. Happy that my votes also played a role in his success. Happy that I have voted for the right talent.

Winning the title is a milestone in his career. In terms that more people got to know about Sreeram. His talent. But the real challenge lies ahead. How best he can save this fame to strengthen himself more and more beyond the one year contract period with Sony.

Along with talent, patience  and will power are important to make it big in the entertainment industry.

I wish his future gets better and better. May the force be with him!

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  1. Ram

    Sreeram practiced 16 hours a day. He learned Carnatical music, Western classical and other instruments. Besides his singing versatility, he bears very good attitude. Each and every performance presented by him has been an experience to ears, mind and soul.

    Whether it is Saina or Sreeram. The common factors are hard work, dedication, and positive attitude. These are the right ingredients for a student or for any aspirant achiever in life.

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