I thought it was one of those soul-searching moments, where one can get too philosophical. I was thinking of all those great sayings about living a desire free yet happy life, having no expectations etc. And then I concluded I was just too sleepy, or may be that Bhagavad Gita conversation I had was acting upon me for a while.

Seriously, if we didn’t have any desires, how would we be humans? We might as well be a book or a table. Okay, that was a bad analogy. Not really.

I’d rather change the topic. I don’t want to get thoughtful now. Also I don’t want a desire free life. See, even here I’m talking about wanting. I’m a born-human with dreams, desires, etc. So I guess I’m meant to be that way. Not Saintly or Sadhu-ly.

Wait, didn’t I say I’d change the topic?

You know what’s one of the most luxurious things? To listen to music. With lyrics of course. And what’s one of the hardest things? To have to pee once you comfort yourself on the bed, with a cozy blanket wrapped around.

And guess what? This is that confusing moment when you don’t know if you should focus on writing, music, or sleeping. I’m already half asleep. The awake part of me is trying to write something, while singing all that’s playing in my ears. Multitasking? Not. Things like these happen because of I’m-a-superwoman assumptions. Did I say assumptions? Ah never mind.

By the way I don’t understand these lyrics – And in another life I would be your girl. I don’t think we’ll be reborn with same emotions in every life, just in case we get to experience multiple births. Also, we can’t exploit this rebirth mechanism to postpone or expect things to happen leisurely in various lives. Silly! Or did Katy Perry take Bollywood’s janam janam ka pyaar too seriously?

Okay now, good night. Don’t mind the abrupt end.

–  More-than-half-asleep me!



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  1. Jayadev

    Just the right amount of material to put one to sleep!!

    Jokes apart … I think you wrote this before going to bed, as you drifted in and out of the state of wakefulness. Random and disjointed thoughts.

    I must try it out too. :)

    Best wishes!

  2. Jayadev


    I think your blog is sleepy like you. I posted a comment and it did not show up. SO I am writing another and soon you will find 2.

    I said earlier that you probably wrote this will in bed. A set of random thoughts that popped into your head while drifiting off to sleep.

    I must try this. :)

    1. Harsha


      Thanks indeed for dropping by. If you’re a first time commentator on my blog, your comment needs to be approved before it gets published. (To avoid Spam) :) Yeah I was sleepy while I wrote this, and I could sense it when I woke up and read it again!

      Best wishes!

  3. Bikramjit Singh Mann

    :) so did you have a good sleep then ?

    and you are right if we did not have wants and needs and DESIRES then we wud have been GOD :) is that a right analogy he he he


    1. Harsha

      I know, we could even be God if we had no wants and wishes. And yes, I had a great sleep! :)

  4. Saru Singhal

    Well, first I admire how you are seeing life, your thoughts of multi-tasking have surely evolved. Are you growing up or this is the effect of your super cool job. Anyways, we know how you can move between topics and that too so swiftly that until you mention we hardly take a cue 😛

    It’s always fun to read you, write more often, no matter you are sleepy, half-awake or in your bed layered in blankets. :)

    BTW, I do take that song rather seriously. I am no Kate but wish I could be…So, the desires are always there…:)

    1. Harsha

      Haha, firstly, thanks much for reading Saru! :) I think this is one of my silliest articles and I was too sleepy :p I love that song too, but somehow this particular phrase sounds too filmy for me. :)

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