Being immortal


It is that moment again when the reader in me woke up the writer in me. I’m amazed how any form of expression and creation is so divine. A piece of writing, music, movies, art, and any many things we ‘create’ can make us immortal! Be it Steve Jobs through Apple, Jagjit Singh through his …

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Barso re megha..

Chai garam chai, anyone? I made it by the way. Coming to the point, I’m so loving this morning. Greens everywhere and fresh flowers are making my day. Of course, the clouds are still playing with my feelings. I have been waiting and waiting for rains since a week or so. Since that day when …

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Fun under the Sun with Kyra


Many times earlier I blah-ed on how I love traveling, meeting new people et al. Since months I have been craving for some serious travel and touring. And guess what, God has finally answered my travel seeking prayers and also sent me a sunshine company, Kyra, to hang out with. Though the Sun is showing …

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Maha fuel price hike


Last night I celebrated a Bollywood nite all by myself, singing many old and new Bollywood songs, as louder as I could. Of course, without causing any fury to happily sleeping neighbors. How much ever I love instrumental, Taylor Swift or Enrique, Bollywood songs have their own charm which is unparalleled. Or may be, I …

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The deviated definition of Education


Academics and education play a pivotal role in our lives. Since that first day of school, when as a 3 or 4 year old, we enter into a new world away from known surroundings, leading to avenues of knowledge gaining, networking and more, almost every now and then mom and dad remind us the value …

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True reality


Change. We thought about it. Some of us have written about it. Few of us might have actually acted on it. ‘A change is all we need’ is the answer of many when a point is raised on any ill practices and corruption in India. That could be the reason why when a 70 something …

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Last night…


I always felt he is charming. I’ve known him since years. But never did I know he could be this enchanting! Aww! It was difficult to take my eyes off him. As I was trying with all my might to capture his awesomeness, dad said that he’s not a regular moon, but a super moon. …

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