Oh hai, 2014!

I believe in dreams, dreaming, and dreaming more. And true to my belief, I’ve always been an avid, and a professional dreamer. And yes, I’m proud of it. I want to do this, that, and a lot more than this and that. The year that just went by, has been another such phase of dreaming more, and working on the ones I’ve been dreaming about in the past; while a few of them were fulfilled, a few of them might just get fulfilled, and the rest remained a fantasy.

I realized that the more you dream, the more you work towards fulfilling them, life invariably becomes an enthusiastic ride. I’ve heard a lot of quotes and sayings about dreaming big. In fact, I was once a believer in dreaming big! But just as people and opinions change in the course of time, so did mine, and me thinks, all you need to do is dream. Big, small, tiny-mini, or whatever it is, it’s a dream of yours, and the onus is on you to make it work big time!

I sound like such a scary philosopher right now! No, I’m not always like this. Only when I finally sit down to write after ages; all my philosophical and saintly thoughts churn out. Ah well, life!

Life. It’s strangely beautiful how one word can hold so much meaning to everything that came into being in this universe. Not that anyone apart from humans know ‘life’ as a word. It’s just the meaning of the word which holds so much meaning to everything. I mean, you know what I mean, right? Or was that confusing? Maybe not.

While I’m getting all thoughtful on day 1, thanks to my blog, I hope that this thoughtfulness keeps knocking my mind occasionally; so that I can leave it wide open, open to everything that the next phase of life has to offer.

On this note, after all the writing and thinking, I can say it with a tiny bit of pride and happiness that my day one hasn’t been that bad.

Here’s to many more years of occasional thoughtfulness, to dreaming, and dreaming more, to working on my dreams, to the ability to accept and enjoy life when it doesn’t turn out as expected, and, and, to calm down and enjoy life when it gets a lot better than expected.

Happy New Year, everyone! Hope we all make it a year that counts. May it be awesome-awesome, adventurous, enthusiastic, calm, and much filmy! I mean, a bit of everything!

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  1. parthasadhukhan

    Happy New Year to you..

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