Yingluck Shinawatra, Thai PMI’m trying to imagine how it would be if I join politics! No, I have no dreams of being a tomorrow’s PM/CM or something. But then, I am just thinking, ainvayi! Usually many people say that Indian politics is in bad need of young blood. By young, I literally mean young. Not like Rahul Gandhi. Have you seen the Thai PM who came down for Republic Day celebrations? Aw! She looked like one of those innocent and cute girls we find in Chinese movies. And she instantly reminded me of a female actor from Curse of the Golden Flower. Wish Indian politics too has lovely ladies and handsome men! Sigh!

Did I slightly deviate from the point? Yes, I was trying to picture how it would be if  I, me, myself  join politics. Yes, politics. Rajneeti. Imagine! Harsha, the minister-ji! Will I command respect wherein my presence itself can speak volumes? Will my life become an inspiring subject in school text books? Will I be loved by people? Or will I become one of those corrupt politicians? Will jokes be made on me around the world wide web? Will I then support online censorship? Will waving and folding (namaste) hands come naturally to me? Will I be busy practicing public speeches? Will I go door-to-door pleading junta to vote for me? And promise to give pressure cookers, bangles and mixer grinders in return?

eynjuls-ministerWill I shout and scream on streets with a tanned skin and a cotton saree? Or will I create a trend by being the politician in blue jeans? The political fashionista! Will I bitch about other women politicians, hurl abuses at opposition parties and bash media men? Or will I be another Katrina Kaif from Rajneeti? Will I build properties only to hide money? Wohooo! Will I have rooms full of sarees and jewelry? Will I remain unmarried for desh seva? Will I have numerous statues all over India? (This one thing sounds pretty awesome!). Will I have a team of bodyguards protecting me 24/7? Or will I come back to my routine unable to handle the situations? Or will I be subject to ridicule for being genuine like it happens with Rana Daggubati in Leader?

eynjuls-minister-jiOr will I actually make any difference to the society? Will situations transform my good intentions into bad? Will I crave for more and more power as I become successful? Will I be one of India’s most desirable? Will I make it to the TIME magazine’s list of India’s most powerful? And trend on Twitter for being the only sundar ladki in politics? Will other youngsters take me as an inspiration? You know, something like the youth icon! Will Indian politics become colorful with more of young and good looking  joining the brigade? Will politics become as desirable as the glamor world?

Well! When I have no serious intentions of being a future minister-ji, why break my head?

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  1. Kavi | Edible Entertainment

    First time here Harsha. And I gotta say, you’ve done some serious thinking about becoming a politician! Had fun reading the post. :) You should totally go for it! 😉 Be the Politician in Pepe Jeans! 😀

  2. Bikram

    well made me think too what would i do .. but i am a bit hot headed so my first would be to get rid of the country from all the leaders :)

    it ws fun reading made me smile .. no no dont break ur head give it a try who knows you might be the one who changes our nation :) what say


  3. Hariharan Valady

    What all it takes to become a politician! Never thought about it in such great detail.

  4. Kiran @ KiranTarun.com

    I am fine with you being a politician — but please don’t be like “them” if you know what I mean 😉

    ps: I know you wont 😀

  5. Saru Singhal

    No Harsha, you can never ever be a minister. You are way too mannered and polite to be one…

  6. Subhash

    @Harsha: Reading your blog for the first time. And let me tell you that I had fun reading this. I am sure you can never be a politician. The reason is so very simple – Politicians won’t have so many questions in mind before getting in to politics 😀 – Cheers!!!

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