Learnings from Bollywood

Being a Movie buff like most other Indians, I follow the updates of stars, love movies, controversies, gossips, link-ups and break-ups. Media will hardly portray a celeb unless he/she is into a controversy.

Switch on the TV and even the so called news channels are busy churning out gossips and gossips and GOSSIPS. Well I suppose it is Media’s creativity to make NEWS out ofany thing!

Well! There are few things that I have noticed through my journey  of being a Movie buff. And yeah! Most of you people also would have noticed these things..

  • Beware of Media!
  • Whether you believe in your movie or not, work on the promotion strategies to ensure that the least audiences watch your flick.
  • Dump your exfor someone more successful.

    We are Family - A remake of 'Stepmom'

    • Don’t have a script to make a movie. We always have Hollywood to rely on. Get the copyrights of a successful flick out there!
  • I am reading scripts. I am going through few scripts, but nothing is appealing to me. = Things are not falling in place. I am absolutely with no work.
  • We are just good friends = We are actually not. (You know what I mean!)
  • Be a guest at the reality shows to promote your films.
  • If you are a girl, trying your luck at Bollywood, have a fling with Salman Bhai! (The godfather of upcoming actresses)
  • The more bizarrely you behave and dress, the more you are in News! (Think Rakhi Sawant)
  • Media is after you. Either you are – Bad mouthed, Controversial or Successful.
  • Gift all expensive things to your friends only to find that they dumped you at the end of the day. (Think Shah Rukh Khan)
  • No movies? No probs! We have Fashionshows, Advertisements and of course Reality shows!

    Deepika Padukone at a Fashion show

  • Join Twitter and Facebook to connect with fans. And inform your fans that you are just out of bed, you are wearing a Blue shorts or that you are driving to so and so place. And of course update them about your films.
  • Promote various products irrespective of their quality, utility value etc. God knows, if the celebs ever used them or not. After all remuneration is the only thing that matters!
  • A comedy movie = At least 5 or 6 actors, Colorful backgrounds and meaningless sequences.
  • The more the actors (present day) lose their sense, the more their acting is humorous!

Well! This is Bollywood for you. Indian cinema and Indian celebs. Controversies and a good marketing strategy by good PR personnel will make one a successful star.

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