Fun under the Sun with Kyra

Many times earlier I blah-ed on how I love traveling, meeting new people et al. Since months I have been craving for some serious travel and touring. And guess what, God has finally answered my travel seeking prayers and also sent me a sunshine company, Kyra, to hang out with. Though the Sun is showing no hints of mercy, indoors are not for travel lovers like me.

So, moi and Kyra are all set to make the most of this sunny holiday season. From binging on street food to doing some heavy trekking, we have some great and adventurous things on our agenda. And we’re two exploring and creative brains, so who needs any tour guide? So, here we go! And by the way, I’m taking you guys too on a virtual tour with me. No, please don’t thank me for this.

hello-sunshineDay Zero: Pack, unpack, pack, and zip

i.e., a day before starting. Remember the number line, 1 se pehle? Zero. So, on Day Zero, I’m all set to pack my things. I’m a last moment person, especially when it comes to traveling. Here’s a sneak peek into my bag:

  • Binoculars, Camera, Laptop, Mobile etc.
  • Tissues, and more tissues.
  • Clothes, of course. I’m not a fashion but a cotton freak! So my bags will contain any many number of cotton tops and shirts apart from others. Colors? You name them all – from the shining yellow to the peaceful white, everything that’s bright and cheery.
  • Over sized sunglasses, flip-flops, shoes, and more..
  • Lakme Sun Expert to keep my lovely face free from the mercilessly burning Sun. Also apart from a comb, I’ll take lot many bands, pins and clips to stop my hair from dancing around under this bad heat.
  • And many many other things. Ever heard about this – stuff in girls’ bags is always mysterious. So let me keep it that way.

Day 1: Blue mountains high, and valley low

mountain-sun-valleyDid I tell you that we don’t have any plan except for fun under the Sun? So me and Kyra decided to toss the coin and zero on the direction we should head to. And, North it is. As we reached the outskirts of our city, after few hours of window-sightseeing (Don’t Google it, I coined this), our GPS showed up a hilly area nearby. So, we were all set! For? Mountaineering! Ha! :) No, we had no ropes or tools.

We climbed the hills all by ourselves, stepping on rock by rock. I hoped to find some snakes or scary creatures as shown in Discovery channel, but all we could find were a couple of lizards which looked creepy enough to freak us out! After hours of girlie talks and motivating each other to reach the peak, we finally made it to the top! Ahhhh! At the peak, oh my my, it was no less than a bird’s eye view of the beautiful world we’re living in. Green valleys, radiant Sun making his presence felt, and the shining mountains! Aww, it was no less than a heaven. Who said Summer’s cruel? Kyra was singing and dancing with excitement as I was capturing that breathtaking view while singing along with her.

After sweating it out on Day 1, we wanted a refreshing Day 2. But our desired destination was far away…

Day 2: Deep waters and the shiny beach

After traveling all night, we finally reached an area close to the sea. Took some time for ourselves to bath, binge, and more. Decked up in bright floral dresses, we were all set for some more fun under the sun. The beach gave us a cheery welcome with vibrant smiles and happy couples everywhere. The atmosphere reminded me of Te Amo. Mine is a filmy mind, can’t help it!

After enough of volleyball, resounding laughs, playing and rolling in the sand, dancing to no tunes, building dream castles and munching on snacks, the deep blue sea was calling us. With excitement unparallelled, we headed to the blue waves. Our tired muddy feet were so relieved as they felt the pristine cold water. We sat over there for hours, legs rested in the sea as we were talking about numerous things. And facing up to the sky, it felt like the Sun was smiling at us. Summer’s not so cruel after all!

Day 3: Wipe the dirt, shake the sweat

trekking-eynjulsWe took a cab to reach our next destination. After an hour of journey, we reached the spot and bid a goodbye to the cab bhaiya (Lol, we’re good at making bhaiyas everywhere). Googling and more googling made us discover this place which is not a famous tourist spot. It is an ancient place with structural remains covered with dense greens, and has a slightly hilly path with many trees around. Shiny Sun peeking through the trees welcomed us again. Once again, we were all set! For? Trekking!

Summer songs or Bollywood numbers, we were either listening or singing to some kind of music. A while later, we were tired and sweating, so paused near a huge rock. Our imaginative minds were thinking how these structural remains could have been magnificent palaces ages ago, how there could have been a tiny kingdom here et al. We drank a bottle of water while poured another on our exhausted faces. But thankfully, we used the Lakme Sun expert, so we knew our skin was safe. I always disliked walking, but trekking at such dramatic place was a lovely experience. And just then, something caught our eyes and ears – Waterfalls! We jumped, screamed, and were all set for some fun under the waterfall!

Day 4: Lazy, crazy, and hungry

dhaba foodAfter 3 continuous days of fun under the sun, baskets of sandwiches, snacks and drinks, we felt lazy and hungry for Indian food like never before. We wanted to dedicate this day to food and more food. But because we were in an urban place, we planned to head to the highway to binge on some awesome desi khana. We took another cab where some good old Hindi songs were playing. Those songs took us back to times immemorial and we cherished every moment of it.

Highway, here we come! Strikingly shiny roads with beaming Sun’s reflections falling everywhere welcomed us. There were trucks and cars passing by. Hills and greens at a distance combined with the blue sky and radiant Sun made for a scenic view.

The Dhaba gave us a pleasantly warm feeling. The tandoor caught our eyes and I took some pics of it. Kyra has been guiding the cook on how we want mirchi and ghee filled food. After considerable waiting, the food was plated and we were excited beyond limits. We binged on and on and on!

Later, we spent some time walking and chatting on the highway and then headed back HOME :( Oh, and guess what? We danced on the highway too!

Day 5: Summer’s almost gone


Goodbye, Summer! You were good to me :)

Trekking, Volleyball, Binging, Mountaineering, Music, and lots of fun and talking with Kyra, made 4 days of my Summer memorable. As we were almost heading home, it felt heavy and sad. But then, Summer will come again and so will our Holiday. I looked up at the sky, and the Sun was again smiling at me. No, you’re not cruel, Sun.

Thank you Sun, thank you my shoes, thank you Lakme, thank you my water bottles, thank you my hair pins, and importantly, thanks a ton to the sunshine Kyra for giving me a lovely company – without y’all this wouldn’t have been possible. Sounds like a Filmfare speech, huh?


This is a fiction and imaginary write-up and given a chance, this is how I would spend my summer with Kyra! This is an entry for the Lakme-IndiBlogger contest. If you’re a part of IndiBlogger you can vote for my post here.

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  1. Bikramjit Singh Mann

    time well spent i guess :) you had fun nothing can beat that.. not even kyra he he he :)

    1. Harsha

      Yeah, nothing can beat that :) Thanks for reading, Bikram :)

  2. Saru (@SaruSinghal)

    Why can’t I write or think like this? I feel you are talented to write something which is classy and relevant. It post reminds me of your Dove Hair Care post which was too good. Exceptional writing. And I would love to see you in the winning list. I know you will be there…:)

    1. Harsha

      You think way better and write even better, Saru. :) Thanks a lot for your kind words and for reading this. Also, for the constant inspiration and encouragement you give me.

      1. Saru (@SaruSinghal)

        And you are in the winning list! Yippie, happy for you…

        Keep up the good work! God Bless!

        1. Harsha

          Yay! You predicted it right :) Thank you so so much! You’re a sweetheart, Saru. :):)

      2. Saru (@SaruSinghal)

        And you are in the winning list! Yippie, happy for you…

        Keep up the good work! God Bless!

  3. Ankitha

    I like it harshaa..
    its very naaiiccee..:):)
    Full having fun haan..:D
    I really hope u win it.!

    1. Harsha

      Thank you, Ankit :)

  4. tikulicious

    Great write up. Best to you.

  5. pramodlohia

    excellent flow of pen. very beautifully crafted.

  6. muni

    nicely written…….

  7. ghazala

    Very informative blog, all the best :))


    Congrats !! This perfectly captures the breathless excitement of travelling passion…:) You deserve it…:D

  9. uma

    Wonderful post!! Surely it should win

  10. neha

    Congrats Harsha :) .. This was a lovely post and loved your narration :)

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