If you are a writer or love writing, you should stick to it. I have always believed nothing can disturb my habit of writing, and nothing did. I have been writing; about early mornings and sleepless nights, people and relationships, work and career, me and my randomness, God and nature, melody and melancholy, writing and writer’s block, and about everything that I felt for, everything that made me smile, think, over think, or introspect. I don’t think there are any qualified writers. For me writers are anyone who can express their emotions in a written form. In fact every kind of art: painting, music, making movies, or writing, is a medium of self expression.

Well, I have no clue why am I writing all this. I was looking for a weekend escape.

I wanted to indulge in the poetic world of Rumi, or try to learn the self through some philosophical readings, but I ended up doing neither. Some sort of discontent was haunting me. I thought listening to music might be of some help. Thus I enjoyed and sang ‘Brighter than Sunshine’ for most of the day. It’s a lovely song, which does make your day brighter, no matter what. Music did cast its spell and everything seemed better, though not perfect.


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I then watched bits and pieces of ‘No Strings Attached’, which made me smile, laugh, and shed a tear or two. The day was turning into dusk; the uneasiness was fading away, but not completely. Yes, it was that awkward moment when watching a movie couldn’t set things right for a movie addict like me.

I badly needed an escape.

After some random browsing, I was somehow led to a blog. I eventually opened mine and shuffled through a few unfinished posts. Didn’t I say I have been writing about everything that’s happening day and night? I was writing, my thoughts were up there, but they were all left midway. It was weird to see my blog dormant. To compensate, I started writing this, and I already feel awesome. I’m not sure if I should consider this a post or if it makes any sense. But this is the escape I needed: to write, and to complete the frame of my thoughts. I’m glad I did. I feel lost and found. The day suddenly seems brighter, brighter than sunshine.

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  1. Saru Singhal

    Writing is an escape and glad you posted. After we venture on almost everything we can think of, it’s good to put your feelings in words. No matter how random it is, there is always fun to be lost in that maze.

  2. saikat ghosh

    well through out dis post whatever u call it ,, i cud find one thing repeated over and over again and dat is GRATITUDE ,,dats sumthng really gud … keep writing :)

  3. Arti

    I’m so glad you wrote this. I’m glad you could find yourself again. I’m so glad to see you in IndiVine after long! Here’s sending some more sunshine onto you! :-)

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