Don’t forget to breathe.

All My Days by Alexi Murdoch is playing in the background. One of those evenings where you’re not sure about the moment; this moment, the next moment, any moment. Sitting in the corner of a well planned and architected 12th floor, with headphones on; initially to watch a bunch of learning videos, now music from rdio is playing instead. You know this is where you wanted to be a couple of years ago; ‘wanted’ to be.

As they said, us humans are full of wants and needs. In need of things we don’t even know exist, or things we don’t know how to define. Weird. Or is it just me?


Okay, coming back to a couple of years ago. This is what you wanted, and you got a lot better than that. Yay? Nah, you want more. You crave to be at a much better place than today. And everyday seems to be that day. You dream, wake up, work, achieve, stumble, wait for the better, clutter and declutter yourself, over and over again. Dream, work, achieve, stumble, crave, dream some more. Repeat.

Let’s Be Still is playing now. Which is exactly what we need most of the times; just being still, letting loose, under thinking, or just shutting your thoughts, both the good and the not so good ones.

Remember when you were only a child? When nothing made sense. The rush, the worldly, nothing made sense. You had your own beautiful world, which is still there, but we just prefer the busy over that most of the times. It’s okay to pause the madness and the rush for a while, and just breathe. Don’t be afraid to do so, don’t be afraid to be happy for no reason.

Philosophy much? Blame my playlist.

PS: I just realized this is my first post in 2015. Whaaa!

Photo: Taken by me. Guess what? I have a photo blog too. Go check it out! Go go! – www.aalbum.com (yes, shameless plug) 😀

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