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  1. Karthik

    Hi Harsha,
    This is my second visit to your blog. Liked your writing style and the template. Also liked the post ‘Dream big to achieve big’ and ‘Future MBA grad’ in your about me section. Checked your blog for your bro aarya.. looking forward for more posts.. Aarya strikes a chord, my newly born nephew is christened the same name.. :)

    1. Harsha

      Hey! Thanks indeed for the visit. I am truly glad that you liked my blog. :) Same name? That is a great coincidence! :)

  2. Amrita

    This is my first visit here and I like this place already :) I also liked your other blogs. In fact, I found my way here through your blog “Aarya” :) Keep up the good work… best wishes

    1. Harsha

      Thanks much, Amrita! :) I am glad you love my blogs.

  3. quintessential bakchod

    Hi Harsha
    Nice blog. Liked your photographs too. Keep posting.

  4. captainjohann

    Nice pleasant looking blog. shows your love for photography and blue colour, the colour of lovers!!!!

  5. ravi

    Missed the updates,thanks to work which ensured that I was living off a rucksack and web disablement.The new look of the blog is an eye catcher. Keep the rumble going.

  6. Prateek Pandey

    Hi harsha do you accept guest post ??

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