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Online marketing is indeed a need of the hour for any business. Years since, businesses in developed countries like USA  have been active on the virtual arena and the trend is now rapidly picking in India. Active predictions have begun that 2012 might very w

PWaT button: the new tool for SEO


You might have a website or a Blog. If you aim to gain popularity and grow your website/blog towards decent PageRank you should adapt SEO (Search Engine Optimization) procedures. Among the numerous steps for SEO, PWaT button is a recent entrant and is highly promising. What is a PWaT button? Pay With a Tweet (PWaT) …

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3 essentials for effective Social Media Marketing

eynjuls - Tools for Social Media Marketing

Until a few years ago Marketing was mostly restricted to Outdoor media, print media or visual Media and it called for huge budgets.  Many of the small or start up firms couldn’t even think of investing such efforts and amount. But now things have changed and the scope got wider. We have Online Marketing through …

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Facebook vs Google

Facebook has been an integral part in most of our lives since its launch in 2004. Within no time it has become a darling in the social networking world.  Facebook made communication and networking easy and of course made its founder, Mark Zuckerberg the world’s youngest billionaire. Facebooking has been a habit for some and …

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Google Instant


The world is already going gaga about Google. Any netizen’s day starts with Google and ends with Google. Google, the online genie made our lives easy by providing immediate search results and has been innovating itself since its inception. The best part is that every service that Google introduces is based on extensive research. Few …

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Website – Why, how, how not

Google has a simple search engine, but gives everything what we are looking for

The World Wide Web (www) has taken the world by storm.  It is an example of how technology can better our lives. It has also changed the way the companies and the corporates function. In today’s technology bound world having a virtual identity has become very essential. The global market demands a virtual presence. It …

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Google – The online genie

Google, google, google and google….. God!! World without google??? Phew!!! Unimaginable right? May be you even got the link of this article through google search. More than a decade ago it was not as easy to explore the World Wide Web (www) in a way that you can just get anything with a click. Larry …

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