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Mr. Bachchan, his fans, and KBC

eynjuls kaun banega crorepati

We know how miraculously Kaun Banega Crorepati, (and Amar Singh of course) has changed the life of its host, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. Thankfully, my disappointment when Shah Rukh hosted KBC didn’t last for long as the nation and even SRK felt nothing can replace Mr. Bachchan’s style and his shuddh hindi conversations. Coming to the …

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The beauty within

eynjuls - The beauty within

Beauty is of several forms. From a radiant sunrise to the shining moon, every creation of the God is a marvel in itself. When we talk about beauty of a person, it could be external or inner. We adopt numerous measures to enhance our physical beauty. We are so obsessed with our looks that at …

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The winner – Saina Nehwal

The winner

Until a couple of years ago, most of us were not familiar about Saina Nehwal. Who was she? What was she?….. India had very few sports personalities to boast about. About their performance. Unfortunately, most of the talents who represented India internationally were not awarded or appreciated appropriately in their homeland. That could be because …

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Leader and leadership

Most of us have used and use the words ‘Leader’ or ‘Leadership‘ in our daily lives. Recently there was a regional movie named ‘Leader’ in which the mother says to the protagonist, “I want my son to be the Leader, not a politician” One of the eligibility criterion in the job market is that the …

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