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Two faced


Many a times, I read/heard people saying that they don’t like two-faced people. In fact I came across numerous occasions where I wondered as to why few people act two faced. Is being two faced a myth? Or is it that only few people are two faced? And the rest are not? Well! I actually …

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Celebrating Rajinikanth

superstar rajnikanth

Rajinikanth 62 is just a number for his age. His charm only multiplies as years pass by. The Super Star Rajinikanth in his simple white shirt and dhoti, sans any make-up, flashy brands or starry tantrums, stupendously attracts the masses. Numerous temples built for him aren’t sufficient to indicate the degree of admiration his fans …

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Main Heroine banna chahti hoon


Heroine She looks beautiful. She earns so much which can easily feed half the nation for days together. She uses designer wear, drives flashy cars and the paparazzi goes berserk as she arrives. She is so valuable that even a hair strand or a finger nail of hers can fetch so much if auctioned. She …

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People: Nazia Adil, Model and an upcoming actress

nazia adil model

Under ‘People’ I write about individuals around us, just another but significant face around us who have a distinctive identity or achievement. I feel everyone out there is a star in their own right and so I look forward to make your identity far more reachable. If you too would like to be recognized, please …

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