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True reality


Change. We thought about it. Some of us have written about it. Few of us might have actually acted on it. ‘A change is all we need’ is the answer of many when a point is raised on any ill practices and corruption in India. That could be the reason why when a 70 something …

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Beyond Sachin and Dhoni

Indian hockey team

They are heroes for many. We treat them on par with superstars or even superior. They earn big and inspire many to. We praise and adore them, indulge them in brand endorsements, lands, properties and more. We reward them with superordinate recognitions in Indian Army or Indian Navy, which otherwise are given to defense or …

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Mr. Bachchan, his fans, and KBC

eynjuls kaun banega crorepati

We know how miraculously Kaun Banega Crorepati, (and Amar Singh of course) has changed the life of its host, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. Thankfully, my disappointment when Shah Rukh hosted KBC didn’t last for long as the nation and even SRK felt nothing can replace Mr. Bachchan’s style and his shuddh hindi conversations. Coming to the …

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News of the World

eynjuls Rebekah Brooks and Rupert Murdoch

Sensation seems to have taken over the press and media. Yellow journalism has replaced journalism. Scoops, scandals, rumors and gossips are dominating over news, views and facts. The News of the World’s phone hacking scandal throws a light on how bad a few sections of media engineer or sensationalize unbecoming things jeopardizing the constitutional freedom …

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Serial killers

Serial killers

(Most of you would be ‘grrrrrr’ at me after reading this post. So all my apologies in advance for serial lovers. Yes, our daily-soap lovers.) Daily soaps have become an integral part in every Indian’s life, irrespective of whether you watch them or not, whether you love them or not. Though there are many channels, …

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Where is Indian Cinema heading?

The runaway hits!

I am a movie buff. That is quite obvious as Business and Movies are the major areas where I write my posts. I always love to watch any movie at least once irrespective of its outcome. (Of course there are some exceptions!). But I do try to analyze a movie in various perspectives. I believe …

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Rakta Charitra – Revenge, Violence and Politics

Rakta Charitra

“Revenge is the purest emotion” according to Mahabharata and I completely agree to it. I would rather call Rakta Charitra an emotional movie than an action one. Rakta Charitra which is based on the politics and faction of Andhra Pradesh, is loud and bloody but intriguing. It shows how revenge leads to the rise of …

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