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What’s mine and what’s yours?

This is mine, not yours. It belongs to me, not to you. As a kid we fought for things that we thought were ours. Remember saying this is my pencil or my chocolate? Or dad buying things and saying they were yours? It all started there. That ‘belonging’ syndrome. From pencils to properties to people, we …

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Fun under the Sun with Kyra


Many times earlier I blah-ed on how I love traveling, meeting new people et al. Since months I have been craving for some serious travel and touring. And guess what, God has finally answered my travel seeking prayers and also sent me a sunshine company, Kyra, to hang out with. Though the Sun is showing …

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Living on junk


“Why do you eat such junk all the time? Have something healthy. Like a fruit or two!”, dad says concernedly as I switch on the TV and comfort myself on the dining chair with a plate full of Maggi to binge on. The two minute noodles are my all time favorite and even act as …

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QVENDO: luxury at your threshold (part 2)

eynjuls replay_ladies_watch

The last time when I had to make a wishlist from QVENDO’s product catalog, there was a restriction of doing it within INR 50,000. Let me confess, it was a pretty difficult job considering that I felt like adding almost every product to my wishlist. I am not sure if God listens to our prayers …

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Silky love

They swirl. They thrill. They dance. They entice. They inspire love at first sight.  They inspire poetry. They are long.  They are short. They are silky. They are curly. They are wavy. They are straight. They are not. However they are, the invariable fact is that curls are one of girls’ best friends. Asking a …

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QVENDO: luxury at your threshold

eynjuls hugo boss handbag

QVENDO India, The luxury private Shopping Club is a new entrant in the online shopping portals and is promisingly unique. Its distinctiveness lies in the fact that well chosen range of global elite brands are cataloged in the portal, and you get to buy their authentic collection at a decently discounted price. From bags to …

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Wine, Dine and more

eynjuls wine, dine and more

Most of you must be food lovers. I am not a foodie though there are times when I binge on without worrying about anything. Strange it may sound, but there are numerous factors other than food that influence my intake of food. Read on to find out what. Ambiance: For me it is the primary …

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