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The deviated definition of Education


Academics and education play a pivotal role in our lives. Since that first day of school, when as a 3 or 4 year old, we enter into a new world away from known surroundings, leading to avenues of knowledge gaining, networking and more, almost every now and then mom and dad remind us the value …

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Yingluck Shinawatra, Thai PM

I’m trying to imagine how it would be if I join politics! No, I have no dreams of being a tomorrow’s PM/CM or something. But then, I am just thinking, ainvayi! Usually many people say that Indian politics is in bad need of young blood. By young, I literally mean young. Not like Rahul Gandhi. …

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Hyderabad: the city that is not

eynjuls telangana

Hyderabad: then Ameerpet was ever abuzz with hundreds of students and ever growing training offerings. Hi-Tec City, the IT hub of Hyderabad has interested MNCs in an amazing way and has turned into a career seeker’s dream space. Facebook has opened its first Asian branch at Hyderabad. Many Indian retail firms found their way to …

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Hey PM!

eynjuls manmohan singh

He is a 78 something Mr.Singh He is quiet, calm and composed Terror may strike, quake may hit He is quiet, calm and composed Anna may fast, entire nation may protest He is quiet, calm and composed He is neither corrupt, nor correct Come what may, he is quiet, calm and composed Now that Madamji …

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Ain’t that a shame?

swiss bank deposits by indians

Figures show that the number of Richie Richs in India (though many are unofficial) is far higher than those in other developed countries like United States of America (USA). Contrastingly though, the number of philanthropic or social activities that take place are visibly high in USA than in India, and that too when a significant …

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Oh My God!

anna hazare kiran bedi janlokpal bill

I watched a couple of films where a leader rises from nowhere and thousands of people walk on the streets shouting for him and in his support. I simply laughed off many such scenes shown in a few Telugu or Hindi movies. Now, when I switch on my TV, every National News channel is going …

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On the streets of Karol Bagh

Around 8:40 pm: On a deserted road with a couple of street lights. Not knowing where to go, I along with four other friends was stranded in an almost new place. —— As a part of the North India tour during the October vacation, New Delhi was our first destination. Thanks to our train which …

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