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If you are a writer or love writing, you should stick to it. I have always believed nothing can disturb my habit of writing, and nothing did. I have been writing; about early mornings and sleepless nights, people and relationships, work and career, me and my randomness, God and nature, melody and melancholy, writing and …

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…and I write!


Roop tera mastana, pyaar mera deewana! I’ve been singing this loud for the past few minutes. Yeah, with a confidence that my family is tolerant enough to my oh-so-awesome singing skills. It’s actually a joyful feeling to sing loudly. As we all are set to bid adieu to supposedly-our-last-year-on-the-earth I thought it would be too …

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My first ever interview


February 2011 It was a fine February morning or just another morning where birds were chirping and flowers smiling. I got a mail from D, one of those world’s most desirable employers, saying that they found my profile suitable for such-and-such vacancy and that I should take a test to qualify for the interview. Though …

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It’s all about…


On the other day, a reputed B-School interviewer asked me as to why do I look so serious. Poor me! Do I, Me, Myself  really look so serious? Well! Blame my new specs. He further asked me few such questions, but not one on current events or business and management. I still wonder why! It …

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One tiny-mini wishlist :)


Refreshed after a nap of half-an-hour and now with a glass of watermelon juice in hand, my mind is running with thoughts. Thoughts that flow with a speed at which Jenson Button races on the track. And the winning thought which came on the first place is ‘write a blog post’. It’s been 7 days …

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You and I in this beautiful world!


Here comes the 100th post! Yay! Congratulations and Celebrations! 😀 Starting with a pat on my back, I want this post to be big and bang. But then, you know, I am just going with the flow. Listening to some good music and writing my heart out.  So, how is this holiday season going for …

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Silky love

They swirl. They thrill. They dance. They entice. They inspire love at first sight.  They inspire poetry. They are long.  They are short. They are silky. They are curly. They are wavy. They are straight. They are not. However they are, the invariable fact is that curls are one of girls’ best friends. Asking a …

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