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Maha fuel price hike


Last night I celebrated a Bollywood nite all by myself, singing many old and new Bollywood songs, as louder as I could. Of course, without causing any fury to happily sleeping neighbors. How much ever I love instrumental, Taylor Swift or Enrique, Bollywood songs have their own charm which is unparalleled. Or may be, I …

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True reality


Change. We thought about it. Some of us have written about it. Few of us might have actually acted on it. ‘A change is all we need’ is the answer of many when a point is raised on any ill practices and corruption in India. That could be the reason why when a 70 something …

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Happy 11th day of 2012! Time flies and how! So, how did the 10 days go for you all? I am either working, blabbing, singing, playing with Aarya, watching TV, wandering online or reading books and newspapers. I even plan to buy some books, preferably fictional, so any suggestions are most welcome. One thing I …

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Incredible India


At Midnight 12 AM, I got up from my bed and started tapping the keyboard while Sadda Haq was playing loud. As a blogger once said, I belong to the owl generation who can rarely sleep early. Though I usually go to bed by 11 or so, tonight the terrible cold isn’t allowing me to …

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Thappad se dar nahi

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So, after shoe-throws thappad is making news now. Anna Hazare asks, bas ek hi maara? And the man who slapped this senior minister makes a heroic statement that he would repeat it again! Now this is neither funny nor appreciable. I agree that most of us might be angry against our government and politicians. But …

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Seriously serious?


News are not always boring. Neither are statements made by few of our leaders and the Government itself. If some news items make us think, some give us a hearty laugh if considered on a lighter note. But don’t dare to take many of the statements seriously. If you do, you will end up banging …

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Hyderabad: the city that is not

eynjuls telangana

Hyderabad: then Ameerpet was ever abuzz with hundreds of students and ever growing training offerings. Hi-Tec City, the IT hub of Hyderabad has interested MNCs in an amazing way and has turned into a career seeker’s dream space. Facebook has opened its first Asian branch at Hyderabad. Many Indian retail firms found their way to …

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