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The deviated definition of Education


Academics and education play a pivotal role in our lives. Since that first day of school, when as a 3 or 4 year old, we enter into a new world away from known surroundings, leading to avenues of knowledge gaining, networking and more, almost every now and then mom and dad remind us the value …

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My first ever interview


February 2011 It was a fine February morning or just another morning where birds were chirping and flowers smiling. I got a mail from D, one of those world’s most desirable employers, saying that they found my profile suitable for such-and-such vacancy and that I should take a test to qualify for the interview. Though …

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It’s all about…


On the other day, a reputed B-School interviewer asked me as to why do I look so serious. Poor me! Do I, Me, Myself  really look so serious? Well! Blame my new specs. He further asked me few such questions, but not one on current events or business and management. I still wonder why! It …

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The art of Teamwork

Success = Teamwork

As an individual we get to work as a team member on various occasions. How efficient we are in a team is determined by our capability to manage ourselves under various complex situations involving many cultures and environs. There is the most famous saying ‘Unity is strength’. This may or may not stand good always. …

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Team – Asset or expenditure?

Recession is not employees' fault. Company's performance is.

‘Our Team is our asset’. Most of the big and established companies often use this phrase. Human resources play a major role in success or failure of any project, any firm or any company. Without having the right talent at place one cannot expect to succeed in performing any task. It could be the CEO …

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Dream big to achieve big!

Keep dreaming....keep achieving!!

Today, I already feel like an achiever. Though I have a long way to go to achieve the big thing. To make my big dreams come true. Because I have a goal, a dream to follow. I am putting my efforts towards it. It always feels great when we dream about something. Something big. Something …

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CAT – MBA – Career


Well! The CAT season is almost here…the Common Admission Test (CAT) is tentatively scheduled from October 27 – November 23. It is the most sought after entrance examination of MBA, conducted by the highly reputed B-Schools of India – The 7 IIMs CAT is made online for the first time in 2009 and will be …

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