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Living on junk


“Why do you eat such junk all the time? Have something healthy. Like a fruit or two!”, dad says concernedly as I switch on the TV and comfort myself on the dining chair with a plate full of Maggi to binge on. The two minute noodles are my all time favorite and even act as …

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Blogs and Businesses


Online marketing is indeed a need of the hour for any business. Years since, businesses in developed countries like USA  have been active on the virtual arena and the trend is now rapidly picking in India. Active predictions have begun that 2012 might very w

Seize the day


Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn are no more just about networking. They have become essential tools of promotion for marketers across the globe. Google Ads and Facebook Ads promise wider reach and they don’t burn your pockets either. From Start-ups to established companies and from Individuals to big brands, everyone is now raving about Online Marketing. …

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The King in bad times

eynjuls King in the bad times

The King of good times too is going through his share of rough phase. His ‘guests’ (Mallya addresses passengers this way) are now literally red at him with 40+ flights being cancelled everyday. Mallya and his associates reason that Kingfisher airlines is running out of cash. If no, why? Kingfisher is a Private sector company. …

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PWaT button: the new tool for SEO


You might have a website or a Blog. If you aim to gain popularity and grow your website/blog towards decent PageRank you should adapt SEO (Search Engine Optimization) procedures. Among the numerous steps for SEO, PWaT button is a recent entrant and is highly promising. What is a PWaT button? Pay With a Tweet (PWaT) …

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3 essentials for effective Social Media Marketing

eynjuls - Tools for Social Media Marketing

Until a few years ago Marketing was mostly restricted to Outdoor media, print media or visual Media and it called for huge budgets.  Many of the small or start up firms couldn’t even think of investing such efforts and amount. But now things have changed and the scope got wider. We have Online Marketing through …

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Facebook vs Google – an embarrassing turn

The rivalry between Facebook and Googlepaved way for many developments in both the enterprises. But a brand new development, rather an embarrassing one, is raising a doubt as to how ethical is our corporate culture? A typical Indian movie: We have a hero, X who is singing and dancing under trees with Y, the heroine. …

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