Being immortal

It is that moment again when the reader in me woke up the writer in me. I’m amazed how any form of expression and creation is so divine. A piece of writing, music, movies, art, and any many things we ‘create’ can make us immortal! Be it Steve Jobs through Apple, Jagjit Singh through his Ghazals, Rumi through his writings, or Rajesh Khanna through his films – aren’t they all immortal? Because even today we talk about them, we use and enjoy their expressions.

eynjuls-writingAnd Writing is such a beautiful form of expression. Either you write it for yourself, for others to read, or both, impact of some sort is inevitable. There are times when you write for yourself, to clear your mind, give way for thoughts to flow, uninhibitedly and unwaveringly. Which otherwise remain stuck in a labyrinth fighting with each other, troubling each other, and you of course. In the process, ignorantly though, you explore yourself, know your mind, heart, and where the thoughts are actually heading. Writing for self could be so healing, which probably I’m doing now for no specific reason. It is like I’m telling my self to get back to writing. Or may be I’m trying to remind myself how beautiful it is to write out your mind.

Also, we write to preserve beautiful moments in the best way possible. Because only you can express what you experience. And when you flip back these pages of life you made for yourself, it ensures a beautiful walk down the memory lane. And weaving such beautiful pages of life with fiction and allowing it for people to read is another level! Writing is even more amazing from a readers’ perspective. When you read, you are knowing something, and most importantly you are knowing someone. Every piece that comes from a writer is coupled with his/her emotions and creativity. At the core, a write up is various corners of an author’s mind put together!

Books that keep you intrigued or poems that make you emotional, fiction that makes you believe or bios that inspire, it is amazing how words can leave a huge impact! Indeed, every one of us is immortal in our words. Someone rightly said – ‘you are what you write’, and this way we all can be immortal! And I’m glad I am!


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  1. Shashank

    Writing for yourself more satisfying then writing just for the sake of it. We often surprise our self after reading what we wrote. Nice post. Keep writing :)

    1. Harsha

      Thanks a lot, Shashank! :)

  2. Shreya

    Wow. I couldn’t agree more with your words! Today, if I go through things I wrote years ago, whether a journal, or a blog or a story, I learn so much more about myself than I ever thought possible.

    Loved this post!

    1. Harsha

      I know, it is like going down a memory lane! Thank you so much, Shreya! :)

  3. murlee

    writing is one kind of a habit which preserves your thoughts…nice post Harsha!! :)

    1. Harsha

      Thank you, Murlee! :)

  4. Bikramjit Singh Mann

    Indeed we grow with time physically mentally and every wya , learn new things when i look at the first articles i wrote i wonder why people even read them , Not that I have a good reason why they read now too :)

    good to see you write after a long time

    1. Harsha

      It’s been a long time again! I should write soon. Thank you so much, Bikram! :)

  5. ghazala

    Yes, I agree. Writing is liberating as well :)

    1. Harsha

      Very much! Thanks indeed for dropping by! :)

  6. ankitha

    Soo true. .
    Liked ur post a lot Harsha.
    Like a lot.

    1. Harsha

      Thank you, Ankit! :)

  7. jaishvats

    Wow, Thats such a feel-good post :)

    1. Harsha

      Thank you so much! :)

  8. Panhali

    That was really nice! The last line says it all…
    ” you are what you write’, and this way we all can be immortal! ”

    1. Harsha

      Thanks a lot, Panhali!

  9. gunjan sinha

    “every one of us is immortal in our words”,very much true.
    Nicely written.
    —-Gunjan SInha

    1. Harsha

      Thank you, Gunjan!

  10. Marita Abraham

    I write to heal. It’s good that you’re getting back. It always helps, I feel, to clear one’s thoughts and gain some peace of mind.

    1. Harsha

      Indeed, writing heals! Thanks indeed for dropping by, Marita!

  11. Saru Singhal

    Where is my comment, something is terribly wrong with wordpress. I wrote a comment the day I shared this post on FB, check your spam please.

    It is such a nice post, I mean any writer would fall in love with it. :)

    1. Harsha

      I checked the spam folder, couldn’t find your comment. Something must be wrong with WordPress. That’s okay! Thank you so much for loving the post, Saru! :):)

      1. Saru Singhal

        Thank God, it is here and that too with a reply :)


  12. Cartic

    Hey Harsha!

    That was really a nice post. I concur with many of the points you mentioned. I am back here after a long time, Did you get busy or something? I see only a few posts from you lately. Keep writing :)

    – Cartic

    1. Harsha

      Hey Cartic!

      Thank you so much! Glad to see you back. Yeah, got a little occupied.

      Hoping to write something soon! :)

      1. rahul aggarwal

        i write for 2 reasons .. first, what goes in my mind, i want to put it down and free myself from holding it there for too long and secondly it gives that nostalgic feeling (after few years) when you look back your own pages and think about what mood or situation you were in while writing such posts 😛

        very well written harsha .. it’s been a long time since i last visited your blog ..my apologies ..

        hey how do i subscribe to your blog so that i do not miss any more updates…?

  13. Daniel

    I strongly agree with what you say. Writing is a wonderful thing.
    By writing, unsaid things can be expressed beautifully.
    By writing, we can express it buried within us.
    About immortality, I agree, immortality is our work that can be enjoyed a few people or many people.
    Once again I strongly disagree with your opinion this

  14. matheikal

    Absolutely, writing is one of the best means of expression. If more and more people take to writing there will be less and less violence (or any kind of evil) in the world!

  15. Ramakant Pradhan

    Writing like a true writer :)

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