Barso re megha..

Chai garam chai, anyone? I made it by the way. Coming to the point, I’m so loving this morning. Greens everywhere and fresh flowers are making my day. Of course, the clouds are still playing with my feelings. I have been waiting and waiting for rains since a week or so. Since that day when Mumbaikars and Delhites filled my timeline with tweets about first showers, the heavenly smell of mitthi et al. Need I mention that I’m pretty jealous of those guys? Well, the Rain God is keeping me hanging. Oops! I spilled my tea!

Err…where was I?

Yeah, He is keeping me hanging. Kabhi He lures me with dancing clouds, kabhi with breezy climate, and kabhi with a hint of geeli mitthi. But never did He bless me with rains in full form. Hmph! Every city has it’s day, you know. Kabhi na kabhi it will rain in Hyderabad too. And as I write this, I can still feel that awesome smell indicating rains, but of no use.

I know the clouds are just playing around. It drizzled at few places of Hyderabad, but nowhere near my place. Kyu? Why? Why me? Oh, did I, me, myself write these over dramatic expressions? Guess watching daily soaps for a couple of days took its toll on me.

durgam-cheruvu-hyderabad-aalbum.comNow it’s evening. Sorry for the quick time leap. No, Ekta Kapoor didn’t inspire me. I wrote the above in the morning, and am continuing it now. Even now mausam hai suhana, but there’s no barish. We have songs that can make our rainy days even beautiful. But do we have any songs describing this seemingly eternal wait for rains?

Also I’m hoping that if it rains soon, I won’t need to water my plants daily. Lazy mind, you know. Bill Gates once said – I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult work, because he will find an easy way to do it. Be lazy, think crazy! See it’s not all bad to be lazy at times. But then there are certain things that won’t let you relax or laze and they’re demanding my time now. So, I’m off to work. I hope and wish to write low-blah stuff next time. Well, that’s not an assurance, you see.

PS: Humans can be lazy, not you, dear rain. Come soon puhleeze! #aXphrJ9jk8#

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  1. rajrupa

    Even people like us from Chennai share your sentiments Harsha…. loved your Hinglish :)

    1. bhavana

      I second Rajrupa! Rain, rain come soon again, Little Jill does not want to play, Rain rain come soon again!

  2. subhorup

    looks like your wishes got answered later in the day. thanks for listing me in your blogroll, noticed it only now.

  3. jaish_vats


    Did Bill gates really say that about lazy folks? Nice one :) ANd hope it rains cats and dogs soon there :)

  4. ankitha

    Abt bein lazy u will support it al ur Lyf Harsha.:-)
    I know w8in for rains.

  5. alka narula

    ha ha nyc one…am waiting fr rains too not tht i wont hav to water my plants but i can multiply thm in rains :)

  6. Mani Kumar

    Scorching heat and no rain at all. Chennai experiences the same. but there’s one good thing, rains make chennai even worse. so i guess there’s a positive for every thing 😉

  7. Bikramjit Singh Mann

    did the rain come .. TAKE all the rain from here we need sunshineeeeeee pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  8. Saru (@SaruSinghal)

    I will write a song for that eternal wait for rain. And the quote is awesome, perfect for a lazy person like me. I can use it for my defense. Have you got lucky with rain yet?

  9. panchali

    Oh, this is beautiful….it’s raining while I am reading your post 😀

  10. Deepz

    nice post :) I just cant wait for the monsoons to descend here :( waiting eagerly …
    I liked the quote by Bill Gates!

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