Awkward much

A friend once said to me, ‘life is all about embarrassments‘. Well, here comes another one – being away from writing and blogging for so long; awkward much. In my early days of blogging, I felt really bad whenever I stumbled upon old blogs which have been dormant for months. And I told myself, ‘never let this happen to your blogs’. Err. Nevertheless, I’m making an attempt now.

Okay, usually kids are cute. Not when they cry SO damn loud that they end up disturbing a quiet neighbor who’s trying to make her weekend worthy by writing a blog post while sipping on some coffee. Little things that can annoy you!

Well, there are little things that can awe you! There’s a woman who cleans the staircase of our building on regular intervals. This morning she came to collect her monthly fees of 70 rupees (her pay is shared by all the residents, so it comes to this low per house). I gave her the money. She smiled and said, ‘thank you, amma!’. What awed me is that how she was genuinely happy and thankful for the amount she was receiving. No money is small or big. It just means different to various people. I’ve seen maids arguing for tiny things or demanding a hike every now and then. Compared to that, this came as a huge surprise to me.

Coming back to embarrassments, I’m sort-of-a procrastinator. Awkward. Which is why this lovely blog of mine has been left uncared. Anyway, let’s talk about my procrastination some other day. It requires another post. A longer one.

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  1. Harish

    Nice blog you have got. Cheers. Yeah sometimes I too have a block and don’t post for months. But I think more important is to bounce back. :)

  2. Amasc

    Oh yeah, been there, came back grovelling with a whole list of excuses. Nice blog, I’m glad you seem to be working round the block.

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