…and I write!

Roop tera mastana, pyaar mera deewana! I’ve been singing this loud for the past few minutes. Yeah, with a confidence that my family is tolerant enough to my oh-so-awesome singing skills. It’s actually a joyful feeling to sing loudly.

As we all are set to bid adieu to supposedly-our-last-year-on-the-earth I thought it would be too awesome to end one of the awesome years with a blog post. Oops! Excessive usage of ‘awesome’. I somehow can’t get enough of the word. It’s such an awesome adjective after all. Okay, enough now.

Most of my writings are unplanned, random, just like me. See, I started with singing, went on writing about ‘awesome’ and now I’m writing about my randomness. And I’m not sure how this post will end. Someone said it right – ‘You are what you write’. Actually being random is something I’m not too happy about. Cause I’m not sure if it’s good to be random all the time. In fact no trait is good all the time. I believe goodness of any trait depends on circumstances. If randomness helps you at times, planning too helps us. Same goes with being diplomatic, blunt, kind, quiet, talkative etc etc. Was that too philosophical? May be not.


Story behind this post :p

Moving on, I ended last year with my 100th post. I thought I would finish at least 150 plus this year. That didn’t happen. Blame writer’s block! Forget the blame game, I hope to write more often. I don’t want to look back thinking I gave up on one of my significant activities, writing.

And it’s been so long I watched and reviewed first day first shows too. Nah, I’m not completely away from movies. That’s so not possible. I’ve been catching up on English classics which were on my to-watch list since ages. And kabhi kabhi our own prem kahaanis and hard-to-believe action movies to entertain the Bollywood addict in me.

Before I say bye, I don’t know if these random thoughts make an awesome post to end 2012 with. But I hope to begin 2013 with an awesome one! #YesICan #YesIWill

And, here’s wishing y’all a very Happy Happy New Year. Hoping that the coming year will be brighter and better than the previous one!! :)

Oh, by the way, the recent Snickers India ad is so annoying. Why, Rekha ji, why?



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  1. Saru Singhal

    Awesome is such an awesome adjective after all. I agree and it is an awesome post, random and awesome, in fact. BTW, which Hollywood Classics are you watching? And seriously, what was Rekha thinking before signing the contract.

    Wish you a happy new year and may God bless you with everything you want.

    1. Harsha

      Thank you so much, Saru! Till now I watched Casablanca, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Roman Holiday. And a few movies from 80s and 90s. It is a lovely experience to catch up on movies from various eras.

      Wish you and your family a very Happy New Year! :)

  2. jahid akhtar

    Awesome post.Congrats fr ur 100th post :)

    Wishing U and UR family a very Happy New Year!


    1. Harsha

      Thank you! Wish you too a very Happy New Year!

  3. Bikramjit Singh Mann

    and that too after a long time :)

    and this is a AWESOME post :) the song mentioned in the start my favourite now i need to g oand check out the AD you mentioned ..

    Happy new year to you and family and everyone around you :)

    1. Harsha

      Bikram! I know, that was a pretty long gap! Thanks a lot for dropping by :) I need to catch up on blogs too.

      Wish you and your family a very Happy New Year :)

  4. aativas

    Why ‘writer’s block?’ 100 posts in a year is good enough. If you try for 150, you might face that block!!

    1. Harsha

      Haha! Writer’s block cause the previous post I made was 6 months ago. :)

  5. subhorup

    It has been so long since I saw a post here, and it felt so good to see this, even if more than a week late. Wish you a very meaningful 2013, Harsha, and may you find the answers to all the questions you need answers to. I miss your first day first show reviews. As a matter of fact, reading your reviews, I became a bit of a first day first show person, although for very selective films. Treat your work as sacred and look after your health.

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