Don’t forget to breathe.


All My Days by Alexi Murdoch is playing in the background. One of those evenings where you’re not sure about the moment; this moment, the next moment, any moment. Sitting in the corner of a well planned and architected 12th floor, with headphones on; initially to watch a bunch of learning videos, now music from …

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Oh hai, 2014!

I believe in dreams, dreaming, and dreaming more. And true to my belief, I’ve always been an avid, and a professional dreamer. And yes, I’m proud of it. I want to do this, that, and a lot more than this and that. The year that just went by, has been another such phase of dreaming …

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Awkward much

At the end, this is how it turns out.

A friend once said to me, ‘life is all about embarrassments‘. Well, here comes another one – being away from writing and blogging for so long; awkward much. In my early days of blogging, I felt really bad whenever I stumbled upon old blogs which have been dormant for months. And I told myself, ‘never …

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What’s mine and what’s yours?

This is mine, not yours. It belongs to me, not to you. As a kid we fought for things that we thought were ours. Remember saying this is my pencil or my chocolate? Or dad buying things and saying they were yours? It all started there. That ‘belonging’ syndrome. From pencils to properties to people, we …

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If you are a writer or love writing, you should stick to it. I have always believed nothing can disturb my habit of writing, and nothing did. I have been writing; about early mornings and sleepless nights, people and relationships, work and career, me and my randomness, God and nature, melody and melancholy, writing and …

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I thought it was one of those soul-searching moments, where one can get too philosophical. I was thinking of all those great sayings about living a desire free yet happy life, having no expectations etc. And then I concluded I was just too sleepy, or may be that Bhagavad Gita conversation I had was acting …

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…and I write!


Roop tera mastana, pyaar mera deewana! I’ve been singing this loud for the past few minutes. Yeah, with a confidence that my family is tolerant enough to my oh-so-awesome singing skills. It’s actually a joyful feeling to sing loudly. As we all are set to bid adieu to supposedly-our-last-year-on-the-earth I thought it would be too …

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